Anna Vogelzang

Hey, I was at your show last Friday with Julia Nunes. You said to let you know if we got the song download and I don't see it on the email or on the email list signup. Way to go on Friday, don't psych yourself out too much, people were totally digging you during your set!

Anna Vogelzang responded on 01/28/2014

hey there, thanks so much for the note!! did you get the confirmation email from me/Fanbridge, asking if you wanted to update your information/confirm that you were on the list? According to fanbridge (who I asked right after that show!) all the confirmation emails should have a download link included in them. If yours didn't, just shoot me a note (anna(at) & I'll personally email you the track. Sorry, still trying to figure this whole thing out :) Thanks for being there & hope to see you again soon!! xo

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